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 We are a family home childcare and the environment is very similar to the child's home; therefore, first time children adapt very well since day one by watching other children play happy. 

Children have many activities that includes arts crafts, singing dancing and story telling. We genuinely enjoy what we do our PARENTS and clients ARE AWARE OF IT. Proof enough is that most of our families return for ongoing services. 



“I am a single mother of two children and one of my limitations in pursuing my dreams to achieve a college education was to find a safe place for my children were I can rely on not worrying while I was in school. I am glad that I found Rubalcaba’s Family Childcare where Graciela gave me the peace of mind I was looking for. It’s been three years already and my two children love being there and come back home excited for the activities they have learned everyday at this place.”

Felipa Varela


“I have known Miss Rubalcaba for the last two years. All I know is my granddaughter Bella,(3yr) grandsons Eddie (8ms) and Jonathan (5yr) arrive to this childcare with a smile and leave again with smiles. This is a wonderful place where people really care for children.”  

Teresa Macias

“My daughter Precious has been attending Rubalcaba Family Child Care since she was two years old. Now Precious is three and a half years old and she continues going everyday to this place where she receives knowledge, care and mainly love in a family environment. I am very thankful to Graciela for her genuine dedication to my daughter.”

Erica L. Aceves.

" All the time since Oct 2010 my four grandchildren Paul, Abraham, ZachariaH  and Tabatha were treated professionally by Graciela by helping them in their school tasks and overcome educational issues when they arouse, in a SKILLED - loving manner." 

Armando Trujillo

"My two sons Andre and Marcos attended Graciela 's Childcare for two years and they learned and adapt very well with other children during their transition ongoing to school. My two sons enjoyed playing/learning during all this time. Thanks! "

Jeisel Lopez

" It was a enormously relief have found a place like Rubalcaba's Family childcare to have my granddaughter Unique, and grandsons Anthony and Randy for two years under her supervision. It was a peace of mind to know that someone was authentically nurturing them while I was working. Thanks Graciela! "

Carolina Gonzalez


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